ToTo water-repellent

ToTo water-repellent

The ToTo water-repellent fabric face mask is manufactured using the same speculation of fabric as advised by the Ministry of Industry and thoroughly approved by the Thailand Textile Institute, THTI. The fabric in which the facial mask is manufactured from is constructed using high-quality Australian cotton combined with polyester, giving our product immense sweat-absorbing abilities as well as high durability, allowing it to be washed over 100 times whilst still maintaining its quality. The ToTo water-repellent fabric face mask is constructed from over 2 layers of cloth with a 3D sewing pattern alongside adjustable ear straps.

The ToTo water-repellent frabric face mask has properties as follow:

1. The outer layer of the mask is coated with water-repellent technology, Nuva®️ N1811, in order to prevent water molecules from penetrating the fabric and decrease the absorption of unwanted secretions. The product as passes the water-repellent washing test for over 30 rounds of washing.
2. The outer surface of the product contains antibacterial chemicals, Sanitized®️ T11-15. Both coatings are products of Swiss technology which exceed the international standards of OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100,2020.
3. The product free of Formaldehyde, a carcinogenic substance.

Cleaning instruction:
The product should be washed with dilute soap water. It should not be strongly scrubbed with bleach or via brushes as the outer layer of the product is coated with water-repellent chemicals that may be damaged from rough contact.

*The ToTo water-repellent fabric face mask may contain yellowish stains as a possible effects of manufacture.
**The product may be ironed. Both regular irons and steam irons may be used but the usage of smooth ironing liquid is not advised.
*The product should be washed before usage.

Remark : further information about Sanitized®️ T11-15 please click


21 Apr 2020